The sim_ode() function will combine the model, the parameters, and the regimen, and simulate out the ODE system. It will return a data.frame in the long format, i.e. one observation per row, and split by compartment and individual. The command for sim_ode looks e.g. like this:

dat <- sim_ode(
  ode = model,              # created using new_ode_model()
  parameters = parameters,  # just a list of parameters
  regimen = regimen         # created using new_regimen

By default, the observation times will include an observation every 1 hour. However, you can specify a vector of observation times to get only those observations:

dat <- sim_ode(
  ode = model,
  parameters = parameters,
  regimen = regimen,
  t_obs = c(0.5, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24)

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